Tuesday, April 7, 2009

NYSDOL Allows Limited Use Of "4/10" Work Schedule

WOW! In a surprising departure from long-held policy, effective April 1, 2009, the New York State Department of Labor (the "NYSDOL") permitted the use of a 4 day/10 hour work schedule for specific work classifications in certain geographic areas. The work classifications covered are listed on the "Job Classification Checklist" which is part of the new PW30R Form. The "4/10 Work Schedule" is applicable only to the specific job classifications in the areas/counties designated.

Before the NYSDOL will allow use of the 4/10 Work Schedule, an Application for Dispensation of Hours (Form PW30) must be in place which states the reason for use of the compressed Work Schedule. The contracting agency must affirm that the public works Project is of an important nature and that a delay in proceeding will result in serious disadvantage to the public. If a PW30 is not in place, a contractor must submit the application if it wishes to use the 4/10 Work Schedule. Once the PW30 is approved, then a PW30R form must be submitted on which the work classifications in the specified geographic area must be listed.

Given the current, precarious state of the economy, use of a compressed work schedule may prove beneficial to Project owners, employers and workers. More information, including a look at the required forms, may be found here.

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