Friday, April 25, 2008

Dancing With The Bar

The New York Law Journal reports that a law firm has taken the highly unusual step of filing a preemptive lawsuit against a secretary who has demanded $9 Million to drop what the firm claims are false rape and sexual harassment charges against one of its partners. Here’s the kicker ... the firm has denied that the partner (who is married) raped the secretary, but admitted that she gave him a consensual "lap dance" in his office. But wait, it gets better. Apparently, the Complaint alleges that: "As she performed the 'lap dance,' [the partner] became aroused and ejaculated inside his underwear while he was wearing his underwear and pants, using a towel to clean up."

HELLO! What in blazes is going on here? This sounds like fodder for a bad TV show. Regardless of the merits of the Complaint (or the lack thereof), the conduct of the partner is wholly indefensible. I guess the law firm should have consulted a good attorney.

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Anonymous said...

Are the lap dances a perk available to all attorneys at that law firm or only partners? If its available to all, sign me up.