Friday, June 8, 2007

Off-Topic ... The Curse Of The Giambino

The sad, pitiful tale of Jason Giambi, the “Giambino” (with all apologies to one George Herman “Babe” Ruth), continues. Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is “asking” Giambi to cooperate and ‘fess up about his alleged former steroid use ... or else! Giambi is being “encouraged” to tell all to former Senator George Mitchell who has been appointed to investigate the steroid-abuse scandal. If Giambi doesn’t come clean in about two weeks (in whole or in part), it appears that he could be subject to fine or suspension. Giambi, through the Major League Baseball Players’ Association, would likely challenge the imposition of any penalty in arbitration.

Much of the current ado centers around Giambi's recent comments to USA Today that he “was wrong for doing that stuff" and that he, as well as other players and ownership “made a mistake.” Although Giambi didn’t define the term “stuff,” the Commissioner and his minions appear to have determined that it refers to steriods. While that conclusion seems to be based on innuendo and nothing more, the fact of the matter remains that Giambi has not admitted to any wrongdoing. None, nada, zero. Despite this, he is now being pressured to talk in order to avoid the Commissioner’s wrath but, in that process, he might incriminate himself.

Can anyone say “extortion?” Where’s the hot lamp in the room that’s not air conditioned? Can the slow, incessant dropping of water be far behind? As a die-hard Yankees fan who bleeds pinstripe blue (hey, as a child I lived through the years of Celerino Sanchez, Horace Clarke, Danny Cater, et al.), I have never been a fan of Giambi or his famous compadres who have been accused of steroid abuse. However, dislike for Giambi’s talent or lack thereof doesn’t mean that he should be subjected to the Spanish Inquisition-like treatment he’s getting currently from major league baseball. I don’t practice criminal law (never had the stomach for it) and am self-actualized enough to admit that I don’t know all that much about it. That being said, if Giambi elects to speak to those investigating the matter, I DO know of two words that will likely serve him quite well ... “Fifth Amendment.”

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